How We Work 
 Our world is unwell 

Economic instability and inequity has increased barriers to meaningful & sustainable employment, while also creating a burned out and stressed workforce , creating a crisis of well-being in our work environments.

Directly impacting:

→ Exponential increase in mental health concerns and burn out.

→ Increase in sick days, absenteeism.

→ Lack of engagement, increased tension and conflict,

→ Reduced quality of work and diminished impact.

Our Solution
Prioritize Equitable
Repair Harmful
Nurture Healthy Relations Collectively
How we translate this to your workplace. 
We are dedicated to fostering workplace cultures which prioritize the collective well-being of individuals, the planet, and the economy.

Our trainings, leadership events and community initiatives enable workplaces to thrive.

We transform how your company does work by:

  • Elevating the capacity of employees to navigate conflict and challenges with greater ease.
  • Strengthen the connection of a team leading to greater innovation and increased engagement. 
  • Ensure your process benefit the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.
  • Engage the leadership of decision makers to foster workplace cultures in which people feel seen, heard, valued and respected. 
 Our Guiding Principles

Our values play an important part of our process.

 Community Healing

Healing and transforming is a collective effort. Growth is most effective, when it's done together. We invite everyone to the table.

Trauma Informed Care

We empower people to transform their relationship with  trauma while advocating systematic changes in toxic cultures.

 Multi Dimensional

Our programs encourage a multi dimensional approach. We embrace internal and external processes of self-analysis, care and right relations.

 Desire Based

We let ourselves dream about a world built on mutual care, and we then set about creating that dream in real time. We invite teams to build from "what is possible"/ 

 Strength Focused

We start with what works and make it better. Anchoring into and honoring deep lineages of care making practices.

"let’s heal, dream, un-learn, re-learn, build and transform together!"
- Snjezana Pruginic, Founder
 A call to transformation. 

 A call to dismantle the oppressive structures. 

A call to dismantle the oppressive structures which continue to create tremendous amounts of burn out, pain and trauma in the bodies, souls, mind and hearts of many people.

 A call to re-envision a world.

A call to re-envision a world in which there is no us vs. them thinking, and no need to be something other than who we are, where being oneself does not have to be an act of radical self-love or resistance, but our inherent natural state and right.

 A call for deep love.

A call for deep love, empathy and tenderness and care with ourselves and with each other, and for transformation of the the way we relate. To ourselves, our lives, each other, and our systems.

HONORING WHERE WE ARE- Land Acknowledgement

Even though we work globally, our offices are on the traditional unceded territory of Huron-Wendat, Anishinabek, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and The Mississaugas of the Credit River First Nations.  As treaty people on this land, we acknowledge the collective, yet uniquely, and individually distinct responsibility of repairing the harms and preventing further harm caused by the White supremacist, colonial, systems which impact all parts of society, and which are directly responsible for the violent physical and cultural genocide of Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island, and the forced enslavement of people of African decent on these lands.

In our work we are accountable to all care practices that are not entangled with, and structured in punishment, surveillance and control. Care practices which are land based, and built on mutual support. Practices indigenous to all of our ancestors, and stolen from many. In our work we bring the history of our own individual ancestries, as well as the rich genealogy of deep lineage of care present in Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPoC) communities. Communities from which self-determined care has been stolen through the legacy and present day reality of colonialism, supremacy and binary based systems. We actively center the QTBIPOC voices and aim to ensure that we are taking leadership in care by those who experience most harm.