Thrive and Be Well Together
Creating work places which work well
The biggest marker of a thriving workplace is how people feel at work.
Connect with leaders across diverse sectors, experience and backgrounds.
Take a moment to nourish your body, mind and soul and take a breather. 
Engage in inspiring conversations leaving you feeling connected and enriched. 
Build community in various types of leadership while contributing to local youth programs. 
At Circle Point Wellness, our commitment involves collaboratively shaping work environments that:
Decrease burn out and various states of unwellness

Increase employee connectivity and healthy relations

Transform productivity, engagement and conflicts
Foster alignment and purpose and get your team on the "right" track

Circle Circle Point Wellness is a socially conscious enterprise dedicated to reshaping the way we approach work.

Our goal is to cultivate workplace cultures that prioritize the collective well-being of individuals, the planet, and the economy.

By offering training programs, leadership events, and community initiatives, we empower leaders and organizations to develop work environments which benefit the individual, the company and the world at large. 
How we transform work cultures
How we transform work cultures
Training programs which build the company's and employee's capacity to thrive.
Leadership events which inspire, connect and offer a pause to reset.
We support companies in creating good work ! 
By ensuring that the people  and the work cultures are thriving and flourishing
Find out how your culture is doing 
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What makes our work unique. 
Our foundation is built on 23 years in-the-field experience led by our Founder, Snjezana Pruginic in her work as a Somatic Trauma Therapist, Community Justice Worker, and Transformative Change Consultant.

We root our work in the following three building blocks. 


And transform harmful processes.


Collectivity and healthy relations.


Through system level and individual work.

 23 Years of Excellence 

7+ Countries

3000 + Trainees

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 Who do we work with?

C-Suite Executives, ED's, Senior Management, Funders, Investors, Founders, Policy Developers and decision makers

With operational and front line staff teams. 

Our Why
Our vision

We envision a world where every individual thrives in an equitable and flourishing society.

Our mission

We're dedicated to revolutionizing the way we work, championing the triple bottom line – prioritizing people, the planet, and profit concurrently, in an equitable and sustainable manner

About the Founder and your co-creator
Snjezana Pruginic is a somatic trauma therapist, transformative justice worker, consultant, and trainer operating at the crossroads of well-being and social justice. With over 23 years of global experience, she has collaborated with diverse businesses, municipalities, academia, non for profits, and communities worldwide. Reshaping the way people take care of each other, the world, and ourselves, he work is rooted in building of relational literacy.

She has worked with municipalities such as City of Toronto, and countless private and non for profit sector organizations and companies in training leaders and employees in emotional literacy, trauma-aware practices, crisis response, conflict transformation, employee well-being.  
In addition, she has collaborated extensively with partners on creating employee well-being programs, community crisis responses and co-founding 'the well collective' which challenges the whiteness of the wellness sector.
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HONORING WHERE WE ARE- Land Acknowledgement

Even though we work globally, our offices are on the traditional unceded territory of Huron-Wendat, Anishinabek, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and The Mississaugas of the Credit River First Nations.  As treaty people on this land, we acknowledge the collective, yet uniquely, and individually distinct responsibility of repairing the harms and preventing further harm caused by the White supremacist, colonial, systems which impact all parts of society, and which are directly responsible for the violent physical and cultural genocide of Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island, and the forced enslavement of people of African decent on these lands.

In our work we are accountable to all care practices that are not entangled with, and structured in punishment, surveillance and control. Care practices which are land based, and built on mutual support. Practices indigenous to all of our ancestors, and stolen from many. In our work we bring the history of our own individual ancestries, as well as the rich genealogy of deep lineage of care present in Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPoC) communities. Communities from which self-determined care has been stolen through the legacy and present day reality of colonialism, supremacy and binary based systems. We actively center the QTBIPOC voices and aim to ensure that we are taking leadership in care by those who experience most harm.