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Healing at the intersection of the individual and the community.

CirclePoint Wellness


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My name is Snjezana Pruginic and I am a Community Justice Worker, Therapist and Writer working in the intersection of trauma, Eastern Medicine, body-mind practice and social justice.

Welcome to Circle Point Wellness!

This space is dedicated to providing tools and resources for:

  • a deepened sense of self-healing, self-awareness and self-love.

  • promotion of healing in our society through a trauma informed, strength-based, anti-oppressive approach to community well-being and social change.

  • building a culture of peace, from the inside and outside.

  • an opportunity to use our traumas and pains as catalysts of deeper (self) acceptance and continuous creation of (self) love in our life and our world.


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For when you want to create a shift in your personal sense of well-being….

It is only when we journey within to understand, accept, heal and transform ourselves, are we able to find the essence of the things which we seek, and take the necessary actions in our lives to reflect this.

Circle Point Wellness offers guided meditations and individual sessions to deepen the connection between our physical self, our emotions, thought patterns and conditioned beliefs, while encouraging us to live within the cycles of our life and find a point of harmony within change, chaos, and every day life responsibilities.

In a safe and trauma informed way we create a wholestic picture of who we are allowing for healing to occur at the source, integrating our experiences into our lives and transforming the way we choose to participate in our own lives.

Nothing will work unless you do
— Maya Angelou

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For when you want to create a lasting change….

Nothing in this world exists independently of everything else, we are all connected and interconnected in the same way our body and emotions, our brain and our organs are connected within us.

If we want to create real change in our lives we must work from this point of interconnectedness and acknowledge the greater systems which make better (or harm) our personal and collective well-being.

Circle Point Wellness anchors this work in mindful and holistic questioning, dismantling and transforming of systems of power, privilege and oppression contributing to a lack of social and personal well-being. We look at intergenerational, systemic and ancestral traumas as part of our own healing and ask the though questions so we can truly step into a world where well-being is not dependant on class, race, socio-economic status, geography etc.

We promote radical self-care which encompasses the personal and collective perspective from the premise that well-being is a right, not a privilege.

There is not thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives.
— Audre Lorde