Thank you to those who have allowed me to be part of your healing and life journey.  In deep gratitude. 

From my clients

Snjezana’s treatments and care have got me through so much over the years. I’ve tried other therapists over the years when ever Snjezana was not available, but have found no one that can hold a candle to her. I’m very blessed to have her and her healing skills in my life.

"Snjezana is an incredible Therapist. Her years of experience practicing Shiatsu and her knowledge of the body along with her calm presence create a serene and powerful experience. She truly cares for her clients and it is evident in how mindful she is when assisting in your healing journey. Snjezana and her healing hands are a true gift to this world”

“I’ve had the privilege and good fortune to have Snjezana as my shiatsu therapist since 2001. I’ve seen her weekly during much of these years. She is the most gifted and intuitive healer. She is wise beyond her years and always helps my healing on an emotional as well as physical level. She takes the time to talk with me before the treatment, when I need advice and counselling and she always helps me get to a better place. Her diagnostic skills in knowing what to treat are second-to-none"

“I am very busy mother and entrepreneur and stress levels can get through the roof on any given day. What I know for sure is that I am glad I made time for Snjezana’s Shiatsu therapy session, it has been a life changing experience. Snjezana passed on tools to destress and relax my body and my mind that I still use to this day with my kids. I am very happy with Snjezana’s session and I absolutely recommend her to everyone, busy people included, as she will change your life, too."

From participants in restorative justice programs

Working with Snjezana changed my life. It helped me to let go of the dark cloud of guilt and shame and self-loathing I had and learn to love myself

“In today’s workshops I learned that we are all people with different perceptions, which at times can make us misunderstand the other person’s perspective. But in every workshop so far showed me that we are need to look at each other through our deeds, ideas, and sincere smile, and not through nationalities. If we could all treat each other with such care like we learn here we would not have wars”

“I learned how to transmit love and how to live from my center, how to be grounded, as well as how to manage my emotions” 

“I learned how to transform negative emotions into positive one and how to manage my fears”

“ From now on I can make decisions from a more powerful and centred place and face my fears and pain with courage”

I found a bigger person in myself

 “After the workshop I feel satisfied with myself and I am aware of my potential which I can use to achieve anything I want, before the workshop I felt very lonely. Now I feel I have learned to have a high level of concentration and self-worth”

“ I learned that through relaxation I can understand and connect my body, spirit and mind and this can improve the quality of my life”

 “I learned to relax, to reflect, to forgive for the things in the past and to have more respect towards others.”

“What I learned that I will apply in my life is to think ‘I am beautiful’ more often and not blame my flaws- they are part of who I am”

From healing workshops..

“As a facilitator, Snjezana is thorough, enthusiastic and encouraging. She holds space for participants to explore their edge as well encouraging of the connection between us all. Her passion to educate participants is seen in her content and deliberate information she provides. I highly recommend Snjezana!”

"Snjezana’s class was an open and inviting space.  I began to look at bodywork in a completely different way, and to began to learn about the energetic currents that run through our bodies and connect us to the rest of humanity. She taught the class practical tools for self-healing . Her intro to meditation and the meridian exercises are practices which I continue to work with on an almost daily basis. I can recommend her classes to anyone interested or curious non-invasive methods of healing. ”

“I love Snjezana’s approach to self-care. Not only is she incredibly gifted as a healer, she offers rich insights on the body and its multiple functions. Her approach is grounded and compassionate, making you feel immediately comfortable. I especially loved Snjezana’s body mapping exercise and her tips for reducing stress. Overall, Snjezana is one of the most versatile and knowledgable practitioners I have ever met.”

Snjezana  creates programming and offers therapeutic services which support the individual in creating wellness through their lives by understanding the connections between internal and external  systems which make part of their lives and communities. Through these understandings and mindful action transformative change can happen both on the individual and societal level.
Attending one of Snjezana’s workshop was an important part of my healing during a period of difficult transitions. I really loved the intimate setting and the different resources and tools that she shared. From the practical to the spiritual ways that we can empower ourselves to heal and grow. Snjezana has a kind, and warm approach that allows for everybody to work at their own pace, ask questions, offer feedback. Which is what makes her a wonderful facilitator and healer