Love is stronger than hate...


I envision a world where love is stronger than hate, a world where taking care of each other is just as important as taking care of oneself and a world where each person has the opportunity to live in peace and well-being.  .

Inside out 

It is out of this commitment to a world where love is stronger than hate, that I seek to deepen our fundamental understanding of ourselves through the body-mind connection and a deepened sense of self-love and self-care. When we can cultivate  a sense of self that is rooted in self-love and respect, we can transform our pain and begin to relate to others  through a  mindful mind and heart. 

Healing is a community act

In community, we heal and take of each other so that we may  form together critical reflections of how we can contribute to a society which promotes and builds peace.


Courage and integrity

It can take a lot of courage to take care of oneself and each other. I celebrate this courage to love, to heal, to forgive, to come together, to share, to fight for what we believe in, to demand change and a better world.

I stand for an empowered leadership where everyone stands in their own responsibility for creation of this well-being in daily life.


I celebrate our differences and similarities and come together in an anti-oppressive and equity focused collaborative approach.

I challenge the systems of oppression and power, including the privileges I hold as a white cis woman.

I believe in inclusivity of our inner selves through self-acceptance and development of empathy and forgiveness. 


To be mindful, is to be critically aware of the situation at present. 

I use mindfulness as a tool to foster love and acceptance of ourselves and each other so that we can build the internal and external connections required for real change.

Trauma aware & Healing centred

I believe in the importance of being aware of intersectional, intergenerational and personal traumas which we carry the stories of our trauma  in our body-mind. 

I focus on the integration of our trauma stories into self-empowered identities, thus supporting healing.