Meditations for the Whole Self

I invite you to create space in your day to:

  • find refuge and calm and rebuild a sense of safety and self-trust

  • reconnect with your inner strength, inner wisdom and inner healing abilities

  • deepen the connection between your body, mind and thoughts, so that you can choose to embody experiences which are joyful and loving through your emotional reactions, cognitive patterns and physical ways you move through your day

  • reconnect with the creative energy of love in your life, for yourself, for others, offering space for forgiveness and healing

  • experience deep sense of relaxation, calm and being ok in the midst of struggle, chaos and stress.

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Begin here….

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Begin with self-love, ease into who all of who you are, give the body and the nervous system a chance to slow down….go slow and become the witness of your own inner stillness…

Hara Meditation (The Seat of the Self)

This traditional Zen meditation focuses on the breath located within our energetic center and the core of our physical gravity. It is believed that all life ends and begins at this core. It is here we can find a point of stillness, a point of calm and unshakable faith, safety and sense of being grounded.

This gentle guided meditation uses breath work and guided imagery to connect with the energy of our hara, our center. It is a great daily practice for maintenance of health as well as a powerful tool for quickly “checking in” with oneself and finding one’s “zen” moment when life becomes crazy, busy or stressful.

Benefits of regular practice:

  • increased sense of peace and calm

  • increased sense of appreciation and gratitude

  • deepened connection to one’s own inner strength, courage and resiliency

  • harmonizing the fight, flight and freeze response of the nervous system and supporting the body in responding effectively to stress.

  • and so much more..

Go deeper…..

Are you ready to go deeper into your own healing, self-love, self-care, self-growth and self-understanding? The following meditations allow you to explore the connection between your body and your emotions, create safe containers for your trauma, connect with your ancestral wisdom and cycles of your life and work through challenges you may be facing.

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The Way of the Heart

A heart-centered guided meditation from the Tao traditions promoting a cultivation of a deep loving heart towards oneself and others and creating space for forgiveness and creation of loving relationships. Can be used as a daily practice or as support in a particular relationship, in moments of grief, relationship transitions, when forgiveness is needed or to create a more mindful connection with others.

Body-Mind Mapping

Guided meditation and drawing / writing activity designed to deepen your connection between your emotions and your body, understand the way your emotions are stored and expressed via your body and tap into the body talk and wisdom to build emotional intelligence, self-trust and resilience. A great tool to awaken your inner healer and trust the wisdom of your own self.

Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Additional support….

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Sitting with oneself can sometimes be challenging, hard and overwhelming, especially if we have experienced trauma in our lives or have difficulty assuming a meditation position. Circle Point Wellness encourages that you enter into meditation slowly and gently and to always follow a few simple rules:

  • make sure you feel comfortable physically. It is totally OK to move your body during meditation, just try to keep your movements intentional and slow. You do not have to keep your eyes closed during meditation if you do not feel safe to do that. Instead keep a soft gaze on something calming in front of you, like a candle or just looking gently at the tip of your nose.

  • make sure you feel comfortable emotionally. If something comes up during meditation that is too uncomfortable, it is totally ok to stop the meditation. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong. Just like if you can’t focus or have tons of thoughts running through your head it also does not mean that you are doing something wrong. The point of meditation is to not empty the mind, but to cultivate mindful focus on something. If focusing on something is hard, it is ok to take a break and do something else. Try again later, and if needed get some additional support (outlined below)

  • Trust yourself, you know what you need, when you need it and how you need it. You are your own expert.

Individual customized guided meditation sessions

All of the meditations above come with 30 min phone or video call should you need to debrief, talk about any challenges or get some further support in how to move through the work with ease and self-care. For further support, or if you are looking for focused and intentional work with meditation, I offer individual guided meditation sessions . Email to find our more or book here.

The framework for the meditations

All meditations are deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Psychology, Somatic Expression and Somatic Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Theories and Mindfulness. A trauma informed approach is the central part of the way these meditations are designed and delivered.

To find our more about my philosophy or about me, visit the About section.