Individual Therapeutic Sessions

Individual sessions are rooted in an integrated approach to well-being. By focusing on creating harmony between the various systems of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, social, systemic etc.) they allow for healing to occur through a transformation of patterns which are harmful to our well-being.


My therapy sessions are a combination of 20 years of experience in Shiatsu Therapy, Eastern Medicine. guided meditation and self-reflection work, Body-centred Coaching (based in Eastern Psychology) and Movement. Sessions are trauma sensitive, trauma aware and trauma informed supporting and complementing other healing modalities and self-care practices.


What does a session look like? 

Sessions are available in-person and online. 

In-person sessions

In-person sessions may include bodywork (Shiatsu Therapy), Body-Centred Coaching, guided meditation, and / or guided movement. Sessions are 1 - 1.5 hours.

Shiatsu Therapy is a Japanese Bodywork therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Working along the bodies energy pathways (meridians) and specific points it guides the body in creation of harmony between the physical, emotional and energetic while alleviating diverse symptoms and discomfort.  

Body-Centered Coaching is a practice which pulls from Somatic Psychology, Eastern Psychology and Mindfulness practices to create a deeper awareness and connection between the emotions and the body, allowing for recognition and transformation of helpful and harmful patterns.

Guided meditation and guided movement are exercises based in Eastern practices of Zen, Tao, Yoga and Mindfulness.

Online sessions

Online sessions may include all of the above except the bodywork (Shiatsu Therapy), although self-Shiatsu techniques may be given. Sessions last 1 hour. 


  • Easing of physical symptoms such as pain, digestive issues, reproductive issues, fatigue, insomnia and many more through nervous system regulation and restoration of the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to respond to stress in a healthy way.

  • Healing and understanding of emotional and cognitive patterns which keep you stuck and learning how to transform them into tools for change.

  • Harmonizing and healing the effects and patterns of personal, family, ancestral and systemic trauma for greater resiliency and well-being, including every day trauma patterns.

  • Healing the sacred feminine and masculine, shadow self, and the effects of toxic systemic influences. Reconnecting to an empowered view of self.

  • Rebuilding resiliency and treating burn out, resiliency fatigue and compassion fatigue, stress fatigue etc.

  • and so much more.....

My therapeutic approach

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The work that I do is based in the fundamental belief that everything is connected; our body, mind and spirit, us and the planet, each other, and so on. I work on the premise that well-being is the creation of a point of balance between these different elements and cycles, a balance which is always changing, transforming and adapting to life. 

All healing work, whether it is individual or group, is deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Psychology, Somatic Expression, Cognitive Behaviour Theories and Mindfulness. It is integrated with a systems change and people centred community change approach, anti-oppression and equity framework, and a trauma informed lens rooted in transformative social change and restorative justice practices.

To find our more about my philosophy or about me, visit the About section.