Restorative Healing Justice 

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It is said that no one truly knows a nation until ones has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.
— Nelson Mandela

I work with men and women who are incarcerated and those who have been released by providing individual and group spaces for emotional honesty, stress management, self-care, healing of personal, family or systemic patterns, traumas, and behaviours, building of trust and fostering of forgiveness, and ultimately an environment where self-love and strong mental health can flourish. 

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Moving Forward Program

Moving Forward is a healing and restorative justice program and peace building program delivered in group settings and through one-on-one case management.

Aim of the program:

  • offer safe space to work through, understand, process and regulate difficult emotions, such as anger, shame, guilt, grief etc.

  • rebuild a loving relationship with one self, self-worth, self-esteem, self-forgiveness and self-love

  • learn simple and effective tools for managing the stress of being inside and serving time, the stress of going through trial, the stress of dealing with the external life while incarcerated, and the stress of release and reintegration into regular life.

  • reconstruct broken down family dynamics by fostering spaces of forgiveness, understanding and integration of trauma, and healthy interpersonal ways of relating.

  • support a different vision and a different pathway for one self and ones future.  

How you can support this work?

Moving Forward is built on strong partnerships and collaborations with individual and organizations dedicated to creating well-being in our society.

Become a Healing Partner

Adapt parts of, or the entire Moving Forward program into your organization’s or institutions programming. Collaborate with Moving Forward to increase capacity and reach through innovative healing partnerships.

Become a Sponsor

Financial support allows this program to be accessible at no cost to young people while incarcerated and upon release. Become a financial sponsor and support the stability, consistency, sustainability and growth of this program

Our Community

Thank you to our current and past partners. 

Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.
— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

History of Moving Forward Program


Moving Forward is created by me, Snjezana Pruginic and it first started when working with youth survivors of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005. It was in this moment that one of the participants commented "if we could treat each other with the same respect as we do when we are doing these sessions, perhaps we would not have had this war." This was the moment when it became very clear that caring for each other and for oneself, creating love in the relationship one has with one self as well with others, can be a catalyst for real change. 

After 2005, elements of Moving Forward were delivered in successful partnership with various organizations in Canada, including Toronto District School Board. In 2009 I went to Colombia to work with former child soldiers where the program was successfully implemented and train the trainer was developed. Upon returning to Canada, I offered elements of the program to youth living at-risk of violence and youth involved in the justice system through my role as Youth Worker with Unison Community Health Centre. A pivotal partnership with The Forgiveness Project, allowed many of the elements of this program to begin in Toronto South Detention correctional facility, where the program still continues under the partnership and in collaboration with the powerful work of The Forgiveness Project. Currently, I am working on the creation of sustainability and expansion of the program and / or its elements through collaborative and intentional partnerships.