Be the change…

Photo by Daniela Dippong.

Photo by Daniela Dippong.

Are you feeling tired of the way things are in the world and wish you could do something more about it ?

Are you ready to take an active role in dismantling things which are not working and creating spaces to nourish that what the world needs more of, so that we can create together a reality of well-being?

If so, I invite you to become an ally for transformative social change…… a change with lasting personal and collective impact.

The Online Course

Circle Point Wellness offers online courses and trainings which aims to ask the hard questions around the systems in which we partake in socially and how they contribute to the harm and imbalance in our world. By understanding the role trauma, power, and oppression play in social determinants to health and well-being, we take a holistic, inclusive, systems change and people-centered approach to breaking down barriers, building ally-ship, and promoting and integrated and collaborative culture of peace.

Who is it for:

  • people who are dedicated to dismantling the bullshit around us and doing the work in truly being an ally in creating social change

  • anyone dedicated to building a world in which people and the planet come before profit, a world where we work on building unity, rather than separation

  • anyone who wants to understand, explore and heal the effects of personal, systemic, inter-generational and ancestral trauma in community well-being.

  • anyone working in the wellness sector, social service sector, community sector dedicated to the above (although not required that you be from this sector), or working with vulnerable populations

Launching Spring 2019

You are enough to start a movement. Individual people can come together around things that they know are unjust. And they can spark a change.
— Derray Mckesson

Custom training and workshops

As a seasoned Facilitator and Educator with over 17 years of experience around the globe, Snjezana Pruginic develops and delivers diverse in-person training, courses and workshops for organizations, groups and individuals.

Available Topics

  1. Trauma and Its Role in Social Change

  2. Understanding Trauma - From Personal to Systemic

  3. Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Burn Out, a Self-Care Approach

  4. Mindful Community Building

  5. Understanding Social Determinants to Health and their role in Healing (for the wellness sector)

  6. Building an Anti-Oppressive Framework Into Your Wellness Practice

  7. Healing as a Community Act

  8. Building a Trauma-Informed Approach to Community Development and Social Change

  9. Healing Within the Justice Sector - a trauma informed, mindfulness based, body-mind focus approach

Customized topics are available upon request. Contact Snjezana for more info, rates and to book a workshop.