Summer reading for the soul


There is nothing that compares to the feeling of sitting in a park, in a backyard, on a beach or by the pool and diving deep into a good book on a warm summer day.

It is also a great way to counter balance all of the activity and yang energy of the summer. That active energy, when coupled with inner reflection can be a force for reach change.  I have found that the reflective work we do in the summer can sometimes become visible in our lives faster because we are supported and balanced with a strong active, get things done, outward and social energy, creating a great combination for self-growth, change and creation of the things we hold dear in our hearts. 

So in honor of that creation, l wanted to recommend the following books  as great summer reads that will get you excited about yourself, changes and a life that fills you up in a way you crave. Plus it is a summer full of eclipses so great time for some active yet mindful changes. 

Since it is summer, I don't like to create super long lists, so here are my two top picks.

Summer mode ready! 

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F%ck


This book may be off putting to some due to it's title and use of the F word. One may think that it seems counterintuitive, after all don't you want to give a fuck about things in your life.

I had this thought when I picked it up first, but within only a few pages, I realized this book is like no other. This book is not about not caring, rather it is about caring fully about the things that matter, the things that make a difference. It is a book which invites us to look at how we view problems and solutions and where we place our choice. It is truly a book which will make you feel like lighter, clearer and more connected to how you want to live. 

2. Pussy: A Reclamation 

Yet another book which may make some people unsure if they should pick it up. Whether you have a pussy or not, this book is worth being picked up and having a few intrigued looks come your way as you read it in public. 

In this book, Regena Thomashauer takes us on an interesting journey of understanding the energy of tapping into our pleasure principle and living our life by this, or as something that she calls "the power of the pussy". 

This book is for all women who are feeling that a deeper, more grounded and natural connection is needed in what ever they are trying to create in their life. It is for the men who want to support, raise and respect the feminine principle in the women around them, the world and in themselves. 

It is a book that will make your summer a whole lot more enjoyable, especially if you practice the tasks she has outlined.


May you have a summer full of inspiring reflection, vibrant action and fun! Enjoy your reading! Feel free to connect to share any thoughts about these books.