It is not your fault - an honest approach to healing

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I have been doing healing work since 2000 and in that time I have seen many different health trends come and go, each one claiming to have the next best approach to healing, each one trying to find the “culprit” for the illness, discomfort or malaise that people may be experiencing.

My work has always been based in the connection between the body and the mind and rooted in the deep harmony that is created between these systems. I have always come back to this connection as the infinite source of wisdom. In some ways my work involves “listening” to this connection and letting it guide the healing work. In all of my years, I have never seen a negative effect of this approach. It has always led me to truly stand behind a statement I often make

The body has all the information I need on how to be healthy and happy.

Yet, I have been hard pressed to find this approach in the mainstream medical systems or even many of the health fads which have come and gone. I have always found there to be an external “expert” that is being promoted, whether that is an actual person, a research result, a statistic or just something that has been said over and over again.

My healing journey

Recently, I was “diagnosed” by Graves Disease, a disease they say is a result of an over active thyroid attacking itself, an autoimmune disease. Instantly as I was told this there was something that just did not feel right about this statement “your body is attacking itself”

This approach to blaming the body instantly raised major red flags for me:

Here is what I see as red flags:

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Problem 1

By blaming the body we are placing ourselves in the position of the expert and the body in the position of a tool that is supposed to work for us, do the job we demand of it. But what I have found over the year of being a healer and working with the body is that the body is the commander. The body literally does a million different tasks that our mind can not even comprehend or even be aware of. Literally right now as I am writing the body is ensuring that my internal homeostasis is always there, it might be fighting an infection, perhaps a virus, perhaps it is creating an inflammation somewhere to deal with an imbalance, it is trying to get rid of toxins, it is letting my hands know to type, it is letting my brain know how to plan out what I am going to write. All of this is happening without any of my input and control.

So my question is: how did we get to this point in our medical history where we think the body is less intelligent than us ?

Problem 2

There is no test that can give us a full picture of what is going on in the body, mainly because we are still not fully able to truly comprehend the interconnection between the different systems. We know more than we did let’s say a 100 years ago, but the knowledge we have is heavily guided by policies, funding and interests. What is being researched, what is being funded, where do the interests lie, this is what guides our search in understanding how our body and health functions.

So my question is: why do we take only a part of the picture to mean it is a full picture?

It is not your fault

One of the biggest problems which has been directly born out of the above two is that people have stopped trusting their bodies to heal them and instead have begun to believe that somehow they are at fault to have brought about an illness. This has resulted in a lot of self-blaming and blaming of one’s own body.

You did not will your illness into reality. There is not one thing that you did wrong that caused the illness to show up. You did not negatively think yourself into your illness. There is not some deep cosmic meaning behind your illness.

For a wide variety of causative factors (there is never just one), your bodies natural homeostasis was thrown off balance, coupled with external and internal triggers (such as viruses, bacterias, toxins, genetically passed stressors, emotional upsets, trauma, life stress and more) and a perfect environment was created for a disease.



The word disease comes from the old french combination of two words “dis” and “aise” combined together meaning lack of ease. If we approach health from this perspective we see that the bodies natural state is one of ease, or homeostasis so when there is an imbalance in that function the body is in a state of dis-ease. It does not mean that the body has somehow now gone rouge and is attacking itself and you. (as another fellow Shiatsu Therapist said, bodies don’t work like that, humans do, we are the ones that create warfare, not the body).

It also does not mean that you directly caused that dis-ease through something you said, thought, did or some karma (as some new age healers will have you believe). It means that at any given moment your body is undergoing million changes and doing tons of work to keep it at ease, to keep it alive, sometimes this gets knocked off balance and the body will do everything it can to try and bring it back to balance.

Sometimes this balance will not feel or look the same as before. Sometimes the balance will take on a different reality as the body tries to adapt the best that it can, as is the case in some chronic conditions.


You are safe to heal.

I want to invite you, that no matter what is going on in your body right now, take a deep breath, take a moment and say:

“ I trust my body in it’s healing process”

“I am safe to heal”

“My body is my friend.”


  1. If you want to explore and deepen the relationship to your body from a self-empowered and loving, understand the comprehensive integration of various factors which come into play when there is a dis-ease, while creating deep healing on the energetic and physical levels, please reach out for a private session:

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