You want to change something in your life? Start by observing.


When was the last time that you stopped to notice how you are breathing? Perhaps your breath is shallow and fast, perhaps long and deep. When did you last notice the sounds around you, especially those quieter ones, maybe they were birds, maybe it was sound of your own stomach, maybe it was the sound of a distant conversation. When did you last notice the emotion you were feeling before you acted it out? 

Often times we live our lives on reflex and habit. Deep down in our mind, we have conditioned patterns which we react to every day, without giving it a conscious thought. Our likes, our aversions and even our values are shaped by the experiences behind us. All of these experiences we carry in an invisible backpack, the energy in our muscles, the tissues in our organs, the way our brain neurons fire at sensory input, the chronic pain, the intrusive emotions and memories, the over-reactive nervous system, the sense of self, our inner feeling of strength, groundedness and resilience.  All parts of ourselves have stories which we react to day in and day out, sometimes making it very hard to be fully mindful of the present moment, and notice those subtle things, sounds, smells, emotions, feelings etc. 

Yet as much as we have been shaped by our past, we are constantly in a state of change and growth and thus ultimate potential to shape the present and future moments through new experiences of the self, others and the world. One of the fastest ways to step into this ability and potential is to become present to the current moment. Become present without the desire to change it, judge it, accept it or reject it. Simply observe. Observe what is happening inside you, what is happening outside of you, the connection between the two. We observe so we may learn from all corners of our being and our experience, so later we can choose which parts serve us, which parts don't, which parts need more attention, which ones less. We observe so we may love without conditions all of who we are, were and could be. Only in this acceptance, comes the power to create, the power to choose consciously how one will live their life and react to experiences of their life. 


So, come sit with me and join me in a short 5 minute Observer Meditation. 

Snjezana Pruginic