East and West, North and South, it all starts from the centre.


As a practitioner of Eastern Medicine, I am naturally more inclined to approach wellness from a point of understanding that illness is the body in a state of imbalance and that the job of the medicine is to find the cause of that imbalance and allow the body to return to it's natural state and ability of healing, restoration, reparation and recovery through creating harmony between the body, mind and spirit. Ultimately leading to truly transformative healing state. This view is not as present in allopathic, or what is known as Western Medicine, which takes on the view of treating directly the illness, separate from the whole being and the whole life of that person. It focuses on affecting and suppressing the symptoms allowing for temporary relief. 


There are also many traditional forms of medicine across many indigenous peoples and nations which not only take into account the body, mind and spirit of the person, as does Eastern Medicine, and treat symptoms through alleviation, as does Western medicine, but also have a profound understanding of the role, nature, relationships, love and even community have in creating health. Unfortunately, a lot of these forms of medicine have been wiped out, pushed aside or just not accepted. 


There there is also food as medicine, bioenergetic medicine, spiritual medicine, vibrational medicine and many other forms born out of a combination of traditional, eastern and western thought. In the journey of creating health and wellbeing, I believe all different approaches have a useful role in particular time, place, situation and way. If we educate ourselves in diverse methods of creating health and encourage today's health practitioners to work together in providing an integrated system of care, perhaps we can create a lifestyle based on wellbeing and communities whose individuals are healthy. An integrated system which can flow between different modalities, approaches and forms of medicine. 

I will highlight this with a personal wellness journey that I have been exploring. A journey around fertility and reproduction.  Today, I had a session with an MD, a session with an Applied Kinesiologist and Homeopath, and a Trauma-Informed Counsellor. I wanted to see how they would all approach this topic. 

An integrated model may include diverse elements such as some or all listed here, plus others not included. 

An integrated model may include diverse elements such as some or all listed here, plus others not included. 

The MD took blood tests, did PAP smears and told me to come back for the results. The Applied Kinesiologist and Homeopath looked at chemical, energetic and structural imbalance which affect the reproductive system and decided to focus on improving the health of my gums and absorption of zinc and folic acid, mineral required for creation of new tissue (which is basically what pregnancy is). In his view, the health of the gums was reflective of the health of the reproductive system. He also treated the muscles related to Stomach Meridian channel.

Being a Shiatsu Therapist, I instantly applied an Eastern Medical view to this, understanding that in Chinese Medicine, the Stomach Meridian channel (the energetic channel which carries throughout the body the quality, traits and role of the stomach in creation of health), has a direct connection to the reproductive process. It is one of the main energy channels which directly passes through those regions and in turns greatly influences the health of those systems. It also has an emotional component of providing nourishment, a sense of creating something which serves the wellbeing of the person. Strong stomach energy creates an environment of self-nurture, of being able to take care of one's needs and of needs of others through healthy assimilation of information, feelings, desires, worries, plans etc. It is the energy equivalent of the creation process of a human fetus. It is also the first energy created in a fetus, setting up the stage for life's basic need of self-nourishment. 

Lastly, after speaking to the counsellor, she led to me look into my emotions and needs around fertility and reproduction, breaking down patterns of thought perhaps preventing me from creating the emotional, relational, financial and wellness environment in my life required to take care of, and create, another human being. If the patterning of thought was not one which stopped me, she helped to look into understanding the greater family, social construct around being a mother and find my own voice with that. I could not help but think again of that Stomach energy of self nourishment which is responsible for creating those spaces where you feel nurtured through standing in your own viewpoint of how you want your life to be, of what you want to create and nourish. 

Even though this was just a one day journey, it showed me different avenues I could take to understand and transform something in my own wellbeing, ideally creating a comprehensive self-care plan which would integrate all different aspects and approaches. This kind of integrated healing is what we need to shift towards and perhaps, if we can learn how to do it with our own health and happiness, eventually we will learn how to do it for the wellbeing of the communities and the world in which we live. 

There is truly no difference between wanting to create world peace for example and wanting to create wellbeing in your own life. It is fine dance of diverse yet interconnected elements coming together to support each other, pulling on the strength of each one, to create a wrap around approach to transformation. 


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