Body-Mind Therapy for the empowered life!


What is empowerment, or to be self-empowered? This phrase is thrown around in spirituality, life coaching and many self-help circles without ever really examining it. The dictionary lists it as:

  1. authority or power given to someone to do something.

  2. the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's right

In my 20 years of working as a bodyworker healer and community worker, I have come to see that this definition can be expanded to include: 

  1. the process through which one gains a deepened knowledge of self, the role and place of self in relation to others and the world,
  2. and mindfully takes actions which benefit the whole in a positive and healthy ways, thus creating a state of well-being, healing, mindful, powerful, love-based actions and connections, ultimately shaping their life through these actions.

When we are in tune with how our well-being functions, what needs we have to be well physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially, etc. we take the first step towards empowerment. By understanding our internal systems and how they intersect, inter-relate and connect with other people's systems and our societal systems we take the second step.  Out of these two steps we are naturally inclined to take actions which create positive effects for us and others. From here I think, real change can happen, whether that change is personal or societal. And that is real power! 

Stepping into the power of empowerment! 

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I had originally started meditating when I was 16 years old, spending time in Tibetan Buddhist temples, leading me to eventually move into Eastern Medicine and Theories of Yin and Yang, Elements Theory, Zen practices and Mindfulness. When I became a Shiatsu Therapist in 2001, I was able to bring in the practice of focused attention and self-inquiry through meditation together with this powerful body work practice  (Shiatsu Therapy) and working on Chinese Medicine Theories and energetic teachings of meridians, acupuncture and touch. I began to support my clients in creating a state of ease in their bodies and the more I worked, the more I began to see clearly the connections between our cognitive thinking, emotional states and physical well-being. Naturally shifting into supporting my clients in all of these areas, I became a sort of a guide in navigating these connections through. 

I began to teach these things which I was learning through the treatments and sessions, offering safe spaces for people to tap into their own inner healer. That energy inside of us which is able to observe the processes  and needs of our body, mind and emotions without attaching to expectation, that part of us which is able to tap into stories, memories, pain and traumas trapped in our bodies and release the emotional and physical charges, causing regulation of our nervous system, and with it wide array of physical, emotional and mental health benefits. In other words, I began to see people step into their own power and empowerment and create real change in their life. 


While working in this healing paradigm, I also began to work in the community sector for many years, eventually bringing the healing work to the fields of justice and peace building by working with people who have gone through war, former child soldiers and incarcerated adults. Woking in these environments, I had to adjust my methods and ensure I still was able to support them in getting the same result, of self-empowered healing and change (change of cognitive patterns, emotional healing, nervous system regulation and stress management and life choices) 

I share this because it is these experiences which have shaped and formed what I can now share with others. 

Body-Mind Therapy! 

Stepping into Your Power! 


What is Body-Mind Therapy? 

Body-Mind Therapy (BMT) is a signature form of working with the body-mind-emotions-spirit to create a deepened sense of self-connection, healing, integration and regulation of pain and trauma, nervous system regulation, psychosomatic connection, inner wisdom and empowered, mindful, loving action to create real change and well-being in daily life. 

It combines the modalities with which I work while understanding that we must bring our body-mind to a point of balance and harmony so that we may tap into the inner healing abilities of our body, resilience and power of the mind and emotional intelligence and self-love required to create wellness and well-being. 

What is it good for? 

BMT is good for wide array of things such as: 

  • Persistent physical concerns such as: pain and tension, digestive concerns, sleep concerns, reproductive system concerns, immune system concerns.
  • Emotional concerns such as anxiety, depression, burn out, stress, trauma and working through things such as forgiveness, grief, self-love and relationship issues.   
  • Support in times of life transitions such ass relationship changes, career changes, post surgery, recovery.
  • Support in taking empowered actions in your life and creating positive changes, cultivating mindfulness, calm, peace, joy and resilience daily, and living one's personal purpose. 
  • Support in making a change in one's environment and community. 

What does a session look like? 

A session is customized to the current needs and action plan for wellness which is determined in the first session. It may include a combination of any of the following: guided meditation or breath work, guides self-expression work through movement and / or writing, informal counselling and coaching through the body-mind, inclusive, trauma-informed and mindfulness focused lens, and guided self-care work. Each session has a body-based component of Shiatsu, but it may not involve the full session or full body treatment. I pull from Zen Shiatsu, Tao Shiatsu and Shin So Shiatsu techniques to determine the best approach for working with the body.

First session is 1.5 hours, follow up sessions are 1 hour, unless required to extend. Remote sessions are available for 30 minute check in support sessions. More info here. 

Make real change!

Making change in our life, creating healing and well-being is a process which requires time, perseverance, patience and self-love. This is why BTM is also offered as a 3 month program which involves many avenues of support, to make a real tangible and positive change. More info here