What if it is all about something different than what we were told.

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I have spent many years envisioning the life that I want. Feeling like I know what I want that life to feel like, even having clear images of what it should be like. Yet somehow it always felt like I was seeing it at arms length. A dream to which I occasionally walk into and get glimpses, those unbelievable moments in my life, the amazing people and experiences.
Yet it always felt like they were just mere moments, and not my life.

The pursuit of happiness

I have heard other people talk to me, friends and clients, about their dreams for the future and their pursuit of happiness, the chase to get to manifesting that which their heart desires. I have listened to their frustrations that even when they seemed to have it, it never really was quite exactly how they imagined, or wanted it fully to be. There was always something missing, something which would make them try and try, over and over again, to find that which they were looking for in a different way.

After talking to people from all walks of life, I have come to see that the one thing that everyone has always wanted is a life that feels like it is their own, one which aligns with the inner feeling of happiness which we understand for ourselves, in our own way. There is no one prescribed way to experience feeling happy. And yes, remember, happiness is just a feeling, no different than sadness, anger, fear. An emotion created by our body-mind through which we can experience whatever is happening in that moment and understand the world and our role in it, or for at the very least in that moment.

Emotions allow us to make sense of the world. All our emotions. The ones which makes us feel great and we wish they could last forever, the ones which make us want to curl up in bed and cry, the ones which makes us want punch someone in the face, the ones which make us feel as if we can’t move, frozen. Every emotion is a fleeting experience of the life that we are living in that moment.

Living your truth, what is it exactly?

So what I have come to see, the more I talked with people, the more I talked with myself, honestly and without judgment, is that as humans we are not looking for happiness, we are looking for being able to feel that who we are in every single moment of our life is a true manifestation of our inner self. Our own truth.

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I believe all people are inherently good. I believe the “bad’ is thought, conditioned and traumatized into being. I believe we all have felt our inherent goodness in our life at some point or another. And I believe that it is in those moments when we felt we were fully present in our life. This sense of being fully present, is the sense of being alive. It is the sense of knowing that your life is not at arms length of where you are standing, but instead it is right there where you are standing.

This feeling of being present is the most beautiful self-love, self-trust, self-confidence we can experience because we know that there is nothing else there but just us, fully completely us. It is from this point that we are able to take those things which uplifts us, those parts of ourselves that make us say “ I am fucking brilliant” and have them shine in our life even more. It is also from this point that we are able to take the things that we know we could do better and improve on them.

This for me is what I think it is all about. It is not about getting the right job, partner, amount in your bank account, body weight, look and image on social media (or in life), it is not about the right type of recognition, acknowledgement, or external validation. It is about being fully authentically brilliantly you. All of you. Every single thing. Loving every part of you so that you can then create a life based on who you are, instead of creating a life through which you are trying to find yourself.

Because who you already are, it is fucking brilliant!!!!

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