My name is Snjezana and I am  a Community Justice Worker, Therapist and Writer working in the intersection of trauma, Eastern Medicine and social justice. 

My therapeutic training is a combination of 20 years of working in diverse modalities such as: Shiatsu ( Zen, Shin So and Tao lineages), Eastern Psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Counselling, Meridian stretching, dance, and yoga. My healing work is combined with training and practice in harm reduction, crisis intervention and trauma work as well as over 17 years of experience working in anti-oppression, strength-based community building models as Youth Worker, Community Organizer and Community Justice Worker.

Why I do what I do? 

I have always been fascinated by the way we store and keep memories (including trauma) in our body and how through nourishing our body-mind relationship we can create spaces of healing and  positive loving actions.  As someone who comes from a country of war, I have seen the effects of trauma in my personal life and those around me. My personal journey led me to natural healing as a way of understanding and transforming trauma in my own life, eventually turning it into my life’s work through a combination of healing and social justice. My life's passion is to support the creation of peace, both for people's individual and internal lives as well as our societal systems and the the way we live together in this world.  My personal experiences have thought me that love truly is stronger than hate and I carry this at the core of all of my work.

One could say I have dedicated my life to understanding how we can heal traumas in our bodies and lives and use that energy to create a world where violence is not the answer, where love is thought over hate and where justice means justice for all, not just a select few.  

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